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Tiller Extensions


Keep control of the boat in your reach no matter where you are with the top extensions from Forespar, Harken, Ronstan, Spinlock and Wichard. Tiller extensions are sold in varying sizes to extend your usable reach to where you operate. Telescoping extensions are also available for the size adjustments on the fly. Technical assistance is Ronstan Tiller Extensionavailable to help find the right size for your boat to keep the controls in your hands.

About Forespar Tiller Extensions
Forespar makes several typesof tiller extensions to server the needs and tastes of a variety of sailors. The Forespar Ball end Swivel Stick tiller extensions feature an aluminum shaft and a rubber ball end for grip. The Forespar Twist lock tiller extensions have a telescoping feature and also feature a ball grip. The forespar Big Stick and Giant Stick tiller extensions are made of carbn fiber. The difference between them is that the big stick has a diameter of 7/8" and the giant stick has a diameter of 1 1/4". The big stick tiller extension is available in sizes ranging from 30-72" and the giant stick is available in sizes from 30-48". Forespar Gol grip tiller extensions are a great budget option and are popular on several one design classes, including the optimist.

About Harken Tiller Extensions
The rigid anodized body of this Harken Tiller Extension transmits subtle boat and rudder movements, allowing you to steer by the feel of the helm. The elegantly simple and lightweight design has no unnecessary frills-every aspect contributes to its strength, stiffness, or comfort. Its universal joint is reinforced by a rope core for extra durability and the thick UV-protected grip is perfect for full dagger-grip and fingertip steering.

Harken Tiller extensions are available in sizes ranging from 24-48 inches. As the OEM tiller extension on many sailboat classes, the Harken aluminum tiller extensions are familiar to many sailors. They feature a foam grip and an aluminum shaft. Replacement mounting bases and universal joints are available for the Harken tiler extensions.

About Ronstan Battlestick Tiller Extensions
Ronstan Battlestick tiller extenions feature a foam grip similiar to the grip on Harken tiller extension with the exception that they have a small ball grip on the end. Ronstan Battlestick tiller extensions are available in Aluminum and Carbon in sizes ranging from 24" (610mm) to 98". Telescoping aluminium Battlestick tiller extensions are available.

Carbon Battlestick tiller extensions feature a apered Carbon Composite Tube, the tapered design maximises rigidity and strength at the helmsman's end for positive feel and resistance to breakage over the gunwale when things get ugly. Urethane Universal Joint, the universal joint in high grade, U.V. resistant urethane provides smooth, uniform articulation and flexibility in all directions for a quick and firm response to steering movements. The snap-on base cover allows quick fitting and removal of the tiller extension from the fixed base for ease of transport, storage or security. A curved surface adapter is available for mounting on round tiller sections.

About Spinlock Tiller Extensions
Spinlock makes two different categories of tiller extensions. The EJ and EA tiller extensions. The Spinlock EA tiller extensions feature an asymetric loop grip. The Spinlock EJ tiller extensions feature a regular gip. Both types telescope with the push of a button and are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.

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