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Plastimo Compasses



While holding the course is ovbiously the primary function of a compass, the crew at Plastimo believes that elegance and style add to your sailing pleasure. They have designed your compass to enhance your boat. You will be proud of it. Plastimo compasses have been presented with several prizes, of which the most impressive are French, Japanese, German and American Design Awards. Plastimo makes a number of compasses to fit the needs of every sailor. Cruising and racing compasses. Handbearing compasses. Compasses for dingy and sports catamarans as well as for boats of all sizes.

Only the best will do! For ultimate quality, Plastimo selects the best components in order to ensure that your compass is a highly dependable instrument which will provide years of reliable service.

  • A sapphire equips every cmopass: its hardness is a warranty for the long life and precision of your compass.
  • All Plastimo compasses feature an anti-vibration system, which ensures a minimal contact between the pivot and the sapphire cup; the latest-born "Vibration absorber" device damps spinning caused by high-speed pounding and vibration.
  • A compass is a meticulously engineered instrument: all the "precious" components are produced by Swiss clock-makers, worldwide famous for their legendary precision.
  • The softViton® diaphragm or the semi-soft ultra-sound welded diaphragm is fully waterproof and has an extreme expansion and retraction capacity: it compensates the fluctuations in fluid volume caused by the differences in temperature and atmospheric pressure.
  • All plastic components -and more specifically the material used for the dome- are carefully selected to withstand shocks, UV-rays and hard marine envinronment.
  • The crystal transparency of the dome and the exceptional magnifying index of the fluid contribute to the perfect legibility of the card.