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Optiparts Sailboat Parts


Optiparts Sailboat Parts

Since setting up shop in 1990, Optiparts has continuously developed their range of products for the Optimist dinghy. For some time now Optiparts has been a top supplier of Opti spars, parts, and accessories. Optiparts also produces some parts and accessories for Lasers, 420s, and other dinghies. At MAURIPRO Sailing Store we carry a full range of Optiparts gear and accesories, everything you need to keep your Opti in top racing condition.

Optiparts makes a full range of spars to suit all sizes and sailing styles. School spars are perfect for sailing camps and training spars. The silver Regatta spars are ideal for kids just getting into racing, while the Optiparts Blackgold Racing Spars are the ultimate performance option. With boom options for kids of all sizes, these stiff spars will help any Opti kid to get that perfect sail shape for any wind conditions.


The Optiparts racing foils are made according to the latest IODA class rules and have been used on many Optimist national, continental, and world championships over the past 10 years. Racing foils are sleek, stiff, and smooth, giving you the edge you need to sail fast. The more traditional wooden daggerboard and rudder from Optiparts are perfect for schools, clubs, and recreational sailing. Optiparts also has several options for tiller extensions and foil carrying bags.


We carry all of the blocks, hardware, and running rigging you need to set up your Opti for racing or recreational sailing. In addition to custom made blocks for the sprit halyard and mainsheet, Optiparts also supplies Harken Carbo blocks that have been optimised for the Optimist. They also supply every fairlead, cleat, shackle, and spar fitting that you would need to repair or rebuild any Opti. Specifically designed sprit halyards and mainsheets are lighweight and low stretch, so you can get the best trim and sail shape every time. Super Low-stretch Vectran sail ties keep the Opti sail evenly tentioned from regatta to regatta, and with an Optiparts Vectran minireel, you will always have a sail tie replacement on hand.

420 and Laser Parts.

Optiparts supplies a range of 420 and Laser parts and accessories for sailing and racing. For the 420, Optiparts makes spinnaker poles (both tapered and straight) and trapeze parts, in addition to wood-epoxy racing foils. Training sails for the 420 can be used for practice and recreational sailing. For the recreational Laser sailor, Optiparts has a full range of parts, hardware, spars, blades, and practice sails. These non-class-legal parts are perfect for training camps, first time sailors, and anyone looking to just go out and have fun on the water.


Optiparts offers a full range of accessories for use on and off the water. Bailers, airbags, and hiking straps are essential for any Opti sailor. With accurate wind indicators, you will never have to second guess where the wind is coming from or where to trim your sail. Dollies, covers, sailbags, and daggerboard and rudder bags will keep your Opti, Laser, or 420 in pristine condition when travelling. Stuck in the off-season? Use hiking benches and training DVDs from Optiparts to keep your body and mind in top racing condition between regattas.

MAURIPRO Sailing, your direct access to Optiparts Sailboat Parts and all your other sailing and boating needs.