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Max-Prop Feathering Propellers


Max-Prop is the leading low drag propeller on the market today. Since starting production in the 1970's Max-Prop has proven itself on racing and cruising boats around the world. With over 40,000 propellers in the water, the Max-Prop is tested daily in the harshest conditions and has established itself as the most efficient and reliable low drag propeller.

The combination of low drag, outstanding reverse power, efficient forward performance, and fail safe design makes Max-Prop the ideal sailboat propeller on the market today. Now with the introduction of the Whisper, Max-Prop has taken a large step forward in the propulsion of sailboats.

Under sail a Max-Prop will increase sailing speed between 10% to 15% compared to a fixed blade propeller, the largest difference being noticed when sailing in light air. The drag under sail varies widely between propellers, number of blades, angle of the shaft as well as location of the propeller on the boat. It is fair to say that a 2 blade Max-Prop propeller located on a horizontal shaft (sail-drive) will have the least drag while a 5 blade Max-Prop on a high angle shaft will have the most drag. However, even a 5 blade Max-Prop on a high angle shaft will have substantially less drag and provide more power when motoring than a fixed 2 blade propeller.

In forward: the Max-Prop will offer 96% of the efficiency of a fixed blade propeller of the same diameter and pitch. The 4% loss in power can usually be eliminated by precisely matching the pitch of the Max-Prop to fit the boat engine combination. In reverse: the Max-Prop provides 80% more power than a comparable fixed blade propeller. The Max-Prop utilizes the same leading edge in forward as it does in reverse giving the propeller the same efficiency in both directions, whereas on a fixed blade propeller in reverse the trailing edge becomes the leading edge therefore reducing its power.

Max-Props are "feathering propellers", so unlike folding propellers, Max-Props do not rely on centrifugal force to open. Instead, the Max-Prop relies on the torque from the shaft rotation acting on the "differential" type gear design in the body of the propeller. This in turns ensures an immediate opening in forward and more importantly in reverse, unlike folding propellers which have a lag time in reverse.

The pitch setting on all Max-Prop models can be adjusted. Changing the pitch is very simple; it is done by changing the setting of the gear inside the propeller with the Classic (usually upon a haul out). Or by removing a bolt and replacing with one of a different length with the Easy and Whisper. The ability to adjust the pitch will help achieve the maximum efficiency from the engine without having to purchase a new propeller.

The Max-Prop will fit directly onto your existing shaft when the boat is hauled for installation. The Max-Prop will be matched to your specific shaft taper or SailDrive Spline. The only required maintenance is to grease the propeller once a year, and to replace anodes when they erode away.

Worldwide, many of the top racing boats have opted for the Max-Prop solution.

The three, four or five blade Max-Prop is the propeller of choice for the cruising sailor. The combination of low drag, increased speed under sail, outstanding backing power, safety and maneuvering, and fail safe design makes the Max-Prop the ideal cruising propeller.

Max-Prop Feathering Propellers