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Genoa Lead Cars

Genoa Lead Cars

Genoa Lead Cars & Tracks allow sailors to make adjustments on the sheeting angle of the genoa, modifying the sail for the best shape and point. Even if you are not racing, you may need to make adjustments on your lead cars when you are using a furling genoa. For cruisers, pinstop systems will allow adjustments at your leisure. For racers, the slider car systems will allow for adjustments to be made as the situation changes. Switching over to effective Genoa Car Systems & Tracks will allow you to adjust the position of the jib or genoa clew, power up or depower your headsail when sailing closed hull. The right genoa car will run smoothly, adjust cleanly, and assist in proper trim. Reduce your weatherhelm and heel by adjusting your genoa cars position while trimming your headsail on your sailboat. Doesn't matter if you race or cruise, because not only does the sheeting angles from the genoa car system reduce heel, it also makes for a more comfortable and efficient ride.