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Cockpit & Cabin Gear

About Beckson Holders
Don't spill your coffee! On you boat, RV or home you need a secure place to put you coffee cup, soda can, wine bottle, etc. Beckson Can & Cup Holders are for you. If you can't recess the cup holder, Beckson has a surface mounted, soft sided option that won't bruise your knee when you hit it.

About Forespar Awning Poles
Keep the deck cooler or drier with an and easy awning. For the shade, Forespar® Telescoping Awning Poles can accomodate just about any cockpit or boat size. Featuring our renowned internal twist lock mechanism, the poles are easy to set up and adjust, and featire simple "eye" type end fittings. For larger boats we suggest the larger diameter polesoffer a special heavy duty option.

MAURIPRO Sailing US is committed to offering Cockpit & Cabin Gear for the best sailboat equipment online. Get the most out of your next sailing experience by shopping here!

Cockpit & Cabin Gear