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Ronstan Rudder Gudgeons and PintlesRonstan

RONSTAN Gudgeons & Pintles - Overview

Ronstan Gudgeons and Pintles inserts attached to the transom to keep the tiller attached at a pivot point for steering on dinghies and catamarans. Gudgeons and pintles from Ronstan corrosive resistant anodised extruded aluminium.

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RONPNP55 - Ronstan Rudder Locking Gate
Code: RONPNP55
Original Price: $5.10
Price: $3.91
RONRF2500 - Ronstan Rudder Gudgeon 20mm Wide 7.9mm Diam.
Code: RONRF2500
Original Price: $41.20
Price: $31.52
RONRF2501 - Ronstan Rudder Gudgeon 32mm Wide 7.9mm Diam.
Code: RONRF2501
Original Price: $50.50
Price: $38.64
RONRF2502 - Ronstan Rudder Gudgeon 32mm Wide 9.5mm Diam.
Code: RONRF2502
Original Price: $49.40
Price: $37.79
RONRF2503 - Ronstan Rudder Gudgeon 40mm Wide 7.9mm Diam.
Code: RONRF2503
Original Price: $56.60
Price: $43.30
RONRF2504 - Ronstan Rudder Gudgeon 40mm Wide 9.5mm Diam.
Code: RONRF2504
Original Price: $63.90
Price: $48.89
RONRF2510 - Ronstan Transom Gudgeon 7.9mm Diam. Hole
Code: RONRF2510
Original Price: $18.50
Price: $14.16
RONRF2510A - Ronstan Transom Gudgeon, Alloy, 7.9mm Diam. Hole
Code: RONRF2510A
Original Price: $41.20
Price: $31.52
RONRF2511A - Ronstan Transom Gudgeon, Alloy, 9.5mm Diam. Hole
Code: RONRF2511A
Original Price: $42.20
Price: $32.28
RONRF2515 - Ronstan Transom Pintle 7.9mm Diam. Pin
Code: RONRF2515
Original Price: $45.95
Price: $35.15
RONRF2515A - Ronstan Transom Pintle, Alloy, 7.9mm Diam. Pin
Code: RONRF2515A
Original Price: $54.60
Price: $41.77
RONRF2516A - Ronstan Transom Pintle, Alloy, 9.5mm Diam. Pin
Code: RONRF2516A
Original Price: $66.95
Price: $51.22
RONRF413 - Ronstan Retaining Clip (Stainless Steel)
Code: RONRF413
Original Price: $6.20
Price: $4.74

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