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Harken Blocks - V Blocks


The V block delivers another breakthrough in Harken's loop block series for Grand-Prix racers. Harken engineers have simplified the mechanics by combining the axial and thrust bearings into a single bearing set of V-shaped titanium rollers.

The result is a strong, lightweight block that offers unmatched efficiency at high loads, while spinning freely at low loads for smooth easing in light air.

Harken V blocks are standard with 3D-molded carbon sideplates, titanium sheave, and captive titanium roller bearings. Sideplates are also available in anodized aluminum. V blocks are easy to disassemble for inspection and maintenance.

What type of Harken V Blocks are you looking for? The MAURIPRO Sailing US store provides a large selection of V Blocks. You can choose between V Blocks Aluminum and V Blocks Carbon.

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Harken Blocks - V Blocks