Sailboat Wind Indicators


Sometimes old ways are the best ways. If fancy wind systems aren't up your alley, a traditional wind vane might be what you need. At Mauri Pro we carry wind indicators for every size boat, so you will be able to read the wind with ease. We have wind indicators from top manufacturers for dinghies and keelboats alike, so you can find one that fits your boat. Tell tales or wind indicators attached to the shrouds are great for sensitive light wind sailing, as well as making sure the wind is at the right angle when wing on wing sailing downwind. Finally even with a state of the art electronics system, nothing beats the responsiveness and effectiveness of quality tell tales on the sails. When sailing with tell tales, you can always get the maximum performance out of your boat.

Davis Wind Indicators and Tell Tales
Davis makes wind indicators suitable for most small boats. Many consider the Black Max to be the standard wind indicator for Laser and other small dinghies. The Telo Cat is a specifically designed wind indicator for catamarans. The Black Max and Telo Cat are both easily detachable for storage and trailering. The Windex 10 Sport is suitable for a wide range of dinghies, sportboats, and smaller keelboats. Davis Wind-Tels are mini wind indicators that can be attached to shrouds of all sizes, and are effective in even the lightest of winds. For maximum performance on any sailboat, you need tell tales to show wind flow across the sails. Davis tell tales attach with waterproof adhesive disks.

Optiparts Wind Indicators
Optiparts makes several versions of their wind indicator for Optimist dinghies. The standard wind indicator features a red PVC flag on a wire frame. The low friction racing wind indicator is one of the most popular choices for Opti sailors everywhere. We sell both wind indicators individually or as ten packs, in addition to a mounting bracket for attaching wind indicators to Optis with club masts.

Wichard Wind Indicators
Wichard wind indicators, designed using wind tunnel technology, offer remarkable stability. Their fiberglass shafts can bend without breaking. The low-friction pivot ensures precision, sensitivity, and a long service life. These wind indicators are real navigation instruments that can be mounted with ease on any type of mast, even utilizing existing mounting brackets. Both make for a highly visible wind indicator for a keelboat, while the phosphorescent accents on the 15 in add an extra level of visibility.