Ronstan Orbit Blocks



Ronstan Ball Bearing Orbit Blocks boast the highest strength-to-weight ratio available.Ronstan was able to achieve this by using all-composite reinforced polymer materials and a Dyneema rope link head. Ronstan's precision design allows the optimum number of ball bearings in loaded areas of the orbit blocks and eliminates them in inactive areas. Ineffective mass in Ronstan Orbit Blocks is reduced even further through fibre-reinforced composites in the block head, cleat arms and beckets.

Ronstan Orbit Blocks are organized into series based on their sheave diameter. For example, a series 40 orbit block has a sheave diameter of 40mm and a maximum rope diameter of 9mm. Each series of Ronstan Orbit blocks includes several configurations of ratcheting and free spinning blocks. There are also a number of stands and accessories for each type of orbit block.

About Free Spinning Orbit Blocks
Ronstan Orbit Blocks are designed to be ultra lightweight while still having the highest working loads in their class.Orbit blocks use a simple and secure attachment. The Dyneema link is easily fitted and is retained securely by a moulded retainer clip. Besides being lightweight and strong, Ronstan Orbit blocks have a very low profile for their sheave diameter. Orbit blocks that include cleats have high performance cleating capability. Ronstan Orbit blocks are used for sheets and control lines on dinghies, sports boats and small keel boats as well as ontrol lines on larger yachts.

About Ronstan Ratcheting Orbit Blocks

Ronstan Ratchet Orbit Blocks are the world’s best ratchet block and are now even better. Ronstan Ratcheting Orbit blocks have all the holding power of their predecessors, but with superior rope wear performance. Ratcheting Orbit blocks are lighter, and are the only ratchet blocks with both manual and full automatic modes. Control switches on both sides of the block remain accessible whether fitted on port or starboard side, and the NC-machined alloy sheave and simple mechanism ensures superb reliability and durability.

Ronstan Ratcheting Orbit Blocks are essential equipment on racing dinghies and sports boats, and when you want the ultimate holding power. Ratchet Orbit Blocks have Awesome ratchet block holding power with a simple and secure attatchment. They provide smooth easing of sheets and excellent cleating options.

About Ronstan Roller Ball Orbit Blocks
are a no-compromise product range developed to meet the demands and expectations of the very dedicated and increasingly professional racing sailor, with characteristics including the highest strength-to-weight ratio and Minimal friction loss, especially when working at high loads. Roller ball Orbit blocks are Totally reliable woth trouble free performance.Simplicity of design and construction to facilitate maintenance and servicing Make Roller Ball Orbit Blocks Elegant, functional and stylish additions to any yacht.

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