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Harken has reaches a new level of performance with the Radial Winch line. Details you will like include reduced wear on the line: gripping surfaces of Radial Winches are shaped and do not depend on friction to hold the line. Also, we've completely covered the winche tops so fingers and clothing don't get caught in moving parts. Seasonal maintenance is now exceptionally easy - the sop lifts out as a single unit, making reassembly quick and mistake-free.

Harken Performa Winches are for racers and racer/cruisers using high-tech line who don't want to invest in a carbon winch, or who need winches in smaller sizes. The Performa Design combines the efficiency of Harken Radial winches with the sand blasted grip of its Carbon Fiber racing winch for a powerful hybrid. Performa winches transfer high loads to the winch with fewer wraps, allowing crew to trim and ease sails quickly and repeatedly as wind strength and directions change. Performa winches are available in sizes 40 to 60 to completment Harken's carbon fiber product line.

Electric Winches allow crew to trim any size sail with the push of a button. Winches mount in minutes without removing the drum and can be quickly disassembled and serviced on deck. Seasonal maintenance is painless. Snap-fit socket, washer, and screw top lift out as a unit, making reassembly fast and mistake-free, with no leftover or misplace or parts to worry about.

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