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Harken Carbo Blocks - Strong and Compact. Harken low-friction Carbo AirBlocks are lightweight, strong, reliable and affordable. These are features all sailors look for when choosing sail controls and real breakthrough in block design. These Harken small, compact blocks have very high working loads for safe, easy trimming no matter how hard the wind blows.

Sideplates of high-strength engineering resin are UV stabilized to provide excellent protection against long-term exposure to salt water and sun. Harken carbo blocks are perfect for the small-diameter hard lines favored by racers.

Lightweight, strong design. Harken Carbo Blocks are 30% lighter with a 60% higher working load than Classic blocks. Open Air Block design eliminates unnecessary material and weight.

Long-lasting protection. Ball bearings, sheave and sideplates UV-stabilized with carbon-black additive for maximum protection.

Three-way cam-lock. Patented switch locks shackle in front or side positions, or lets block swivel to keep line from twisting.

T18<br>Soft-Attach Blocks
29 mm<br>Carbo Blocks
40 mm<br>Carbo Blocks
40 mm<br>Carbo Fiddle Blocks
40 mm<br>Carbo Ratchet Block
T2<br>Soft-Attach Blocks
57 mm<br>Carbo Blocks
57 mm<br>Carbo Fiddle Blocks
57 mm<br>Carbo Ratchamatic
57 mm<br>Carbo Ratchet Block
57/75 mm<br>Flip-Flop Blocks
75 mm<br>Carbo Blocks
75 mm<br>Carbo Fiddle Blocks
75 mm<br>Carbo Ratchamatic
75 mm<br>Carbo Ratchet Block

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