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About Gill Watches

Gill's designing process starts with a group of sailors at all levels, right up to Olympic medallists and Volvo Ocean Race winners, getting together and going through their kit bags.

Gill then design a range to their exact specifications and when they have prototypes, Gill ask them to test the products. Gill's sailing gear extensive in-house and independent lab testing programm then adds an additional level of assurance that the products will do the job. Visit Gill Watches

About Ronstan Watches

Ronstan provides its sailors with top of the line performance gear that helps athletes adjust to the elements of any race course. The newest line of gear uses a combination of materials for their unique properties such as water repellence, wind-proofing, drying speed and thermal qualities. These materieals are used where needed to provide the upmost in comfort and flexibility. Visit Ronstan Watches

About Garmin Quatix
This amazing watch includes features that have never been combined into one watch before. Designed for avid mariners of all types, from dinghy racers and kayakers to big sail and power boaters, quatix is a high-sensitivity GPS navigator marine watch. It has a self-adjusting altimeter, barometer and 3-axis electronic compass. It's waterproof to 50 m.

The quatix features a built-in high-sensitivity GPS Garmin navigator. You can actually load it with routes, mark waypoints, and it can guide you to your destination and back again. In addition, you can use sight and go navigation. Pick a point in the distance you wish to navigate to, set quatix and it will keep you on course to it. Visit Garmin GPS Watches

Code: WINEX3015
Original Price: $40.55
Price: $35.68
Code: WINEX3018
Original Price: $65.50
Price: $57.64
RSGRF4051 - Ronstan Clear Start 40mm Sailing Watch
    Code: RSGRF4051
    Original Price: $74.95
    Price: $63.99
    Code: OTMOS11
    Price: $74.95
    RSGCSWATCH - Ronstan Clear Start Sailing Watch
      Code: RSGCSWATCH
      Original Price: $84.95
      Price: $71.99
      Code: OTMOS2
      Price: $84.95
      RSGRF4053A - Ronstan Clear Start Stainless Steel Sailing Watch - Canvas Band
      Code: RSGRF4053A
      Original Price: $119.95
      Price: $101.99
      Code: GILW014
      Price: $99.90
      Code: GILW013
      Price: $99.90
      Code: OTMOS3
      Price: $99.90
      Code: OTMOS12
      Price: $115.90
      RSGRF4053 - Ronstan Clear Start Stainless Steel Sailing Watch
      Code: RSGRF4053
      Original Price: $129.95
      Price: $109.99
      Code: GILW012
      Price: $169.00
      Code: OTMOS16
      Price: $229.90
      Code: GARC0100104050
      Price: $249.90
      Code: GARC0100124700
      Price: $550.00
      Code: GARC0100124701
      Price: $600.00
      Code: GARC0100124703
      Price: $600.00
      Code: GAR0100117400
      Price: $449.00
      Code: GAR0100117440
      Price: $599.00

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