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About Gill Sailing Watches

The new range of watches feature sailing specific movements developed for Gill; improved volume levels with a clear, audible alarm and countdown and start alerts, improved back light with an increased luminosity and a hi-vis start button. The Regatta Master has the added feature of an even larger countdown display with single digits below 10 seconds.

Gill Race Watch


  • Carbon reinforced ABS plastic construction with a stainless steel case back
  • Flexible, hard wearing TPU strap


  • Water resistant to 30m
  • Countdown timer with synchro
  • Key lock function
  • Shock and impact resistant construction
  • Electro luminescent backlight
  • Time, date and day
  • Alarm function
  • Audible alarm and alert sounds

Gill Regatta Master Watch

Desgned specifically for sailing, the Gill Regatta Master Watch can give you that all important competitive advantage. Built to be tough, reliable and accurate, this is a tool for all serious sailors.

Serious racers will enjoy the countdown feature that gives a sound signal every minute, and, in the last minute prior to the race start, the seconds count down in a large full screen display.

With a power saving sleep-mode, battery life is lengthened and when the time does come to change the battery, a simple coin will remove the back cover, and once re-sealed, the watch remains totally waterproof – quick and easy, without the necessity of sending the watch to a repair shop.

There is an international dual-time function so that two different world times may be displayed consecutively. For night-use, there is a powerful electro luminescent back light. The durable wrist strap completes the stylish design.

Features You Can Trust:
• Countdown Timer with Sync function – Adjust your timing to the nearest minute at any time during your sequence.
• Waterproof to 50 meters.
• Button Lock feature – Prevents accidental button push during critical sequencing.
• Digital Compass – Gives you the ability to take quick sightings from any location on the boat, car or land.
• Luminescent back light – Easy to read at night.
• Calendar and Alarm – Great to keep track of your time and wake you for your boat watch change

About Ronstan Sailing watches

Innovative Race Functions with Bold New Styling
The most popular sailing watch in the world just got better. Ronstan’s Clear Start™ race timer and watches are completely updated for 2014 with bold new styling and true sailing functionality. Besides the fresh new look they feature large buttons, easy to read displays and advanced intuitive programming designed specifically with the racing sailor in mind. Developed with input from some of the world’s top sailors, Clear Start™ watches and timers are sure to set the standard for years to come. If you’re looking for a simple
competitive edge, the difference is Clear Start™.

Large Quick View Displays
The entire Clear Start™ range features oversized digit displays for easy viewing. The Race Timer presents huge 16mm (5/8”) numbers that can be easily viewed by the crew when mounted to the boom or mast base. The Sailing Watch displays only slightly smaller 13mm (1/2”) digits, which can be quickly viewed at a glance without taking your hand off the helm to read.

Race Sequence Resynchronisation
All racing sailors know how hard it can be to get the watch going at the exact second the start sequence is commenced. With the handy SYNC function, you can quickly resynchronise the Clear Start™ to the official race time. A simple press of a button allows you to drop down to the next minute, allowing you to get your starting sequence back in perfect SYNC at the next opportunity.

Pre-programed Race Sequence Sounds
The intuitive Clear Start™ sound signals let you know exactly where you are in the start sequence without looking at the display. Pre-programmed with ISAF 5-4-1-0 and Match Racing start sequences, it can also be programmed for other countdown sequences by the user.

End of Sequence - Countdown or Count Up
Depending on the user’s preference, the watch can be set up to auto repeat the countdown at the end of the sequence for general recall restarts, or to start counting up to track elapsed time. 

Bold and Functional Styling
Redesigned for a new generation, the Clear Start™ range offers clean modern styling without sacrificing usability. Available in three attractive colour combinations that can be worn anywhere, the Sailing Watch features smooth edges so lines will not get caught in the heat of battle. The versatile large faced Race Timer can be worn as a watch or mounted remotely for easy viewing by the entire crew. 

Daily Life Functionality
From waking up for work to working out, the Clear Start™ range is also great for everyday activities. Standard modes include 12 or 24 hour time format, date in day/month or month/day format, daily alarm and chronograph (stop watch).

Water and Shock Resistant
Designed to survive the rigours of competitive sailing, Clear Start™ watches and timers are water resistant to up to 50m (150ft) and highly shock resistant.

About Windesign Sailing Watches

The WinDesign watches are extremely popular and used by many Olympic sailors. EX3015 has no start timer and no sync. 

Watches are 100 m water resistant with the following features:

• ABS case with Stainless Steel cover.
• Stainless Steel caseback.
• PU Strap.
• Dual Time function.
• Day, Date, Time (12 or 24-hour format).
• Daily Alarms.
• Chronograph.
• EL Backlight .

GAR0100104050 - Garmin Quatix Marine Wristwatch
Code: GAR0100104050
Price: $449.90
GILW013 - Gill Race Watch
    Code: GILW013
    Price: $99.00
    RSGRF4050 - Ronstan Clear Start Race Timer
    Code: RSGRF4050
    Price: $119.95
    RSGCSWATCH - Ronstan Clear Start Sailing Watch
    Price: $84.95
    WINEX3018 - Windesign Digital Racing Watch
    Code: WINEX3018
    Original Price: $65.50
    Price: $58.95
    (You Save: $6.55)
    WINEX3015 - Windesign Regatta Watch
    Code: WINEX3015
    Original Price: $40.55
    Price: $36.50
    (You Save: $4.05)
    GILW012 - Gill Regatta Master Watch III
    Code: GILW012
    Price: $169.00

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