Spinlock XX Rope Clutches


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SPINLOCK XX Powerclutch Rope Clutches - Overview

Spinlock XX Rope Clutches are the only secure clutch solution for genoa and spinnaker halyards on performance yachts from 35 to 50 feet. It is a securing clutch for high loads. The jaws were designed for consisten holding of blended covered ropes. The one-piece jaw set is easy to remove and clean. The XX clutch is optimized for high performance 8 to 12 mm line diameters. Several special purpose clutches are available in the XX version including a Lock Open Version and Side Mounting version. Choose an XX powerclutch for working loads and diamters that can't be held reliably with conventional clutches but where the winched release of the ZS is impratical. The Lock Open version allows lines to run freely in or out with the handle closed. It is ideal for applications such as spinnaker sheet and mainsheet where locking is rarely needed.

- Ability to upgrade older version of XX clutch with the XX-KIT
- Access ports for fresh water flushing
- Smooth controlled release action
- Line height optimised for correct lead to winch and side mounting