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Harken 16mm Block

The Harken 16 mm Block is the smallest block available from Harken. It is perfect for small synthetic control lines found on high-tech dinghies.

The Harken 16 mm Blocks patented bearing system uses stainless steel balls in a captive grooved race and has a 250 lb (113 kg) safe working load - the highest on the market compared to similarly sized blocks.

The HAR442 uses a spacer and the HAR404 uses an O-Ring to keep the line in the sheave duringintermittent loading.

The HAR467 uses a narrow sheave for extremely small control lines and has a ferrule head for soft attachments.

Use For:
Dinghy control lines
Big Boat leech lines
Traveler controls
Spinnaker pole trip lines
Halyard on prams
HAR368 - Harken 16 mm In-line Exit
Code: HAR368
Original Price: $56.30
Price: $49.54
HAR376 - Harken 16 mm Forkhead Block
Code: HAR376
Original Price: $20.90
Price: $18.39
HAR391 - Harken 16 mm Hook-in Halyard
Code: HAR391
Original Price: $29.45
Price: $25.92
HAR404 - Harken 16 mm Fixed Single Block
Code: HAR404
Original Price: $14.75
Price: $12.98
HAR405 - Harken 16 mm Fixed Single Block w/ Becket
Code: HAR405
Original Price: $16.85
Price: $14.83
HAR406 - Harken 16 mm Fixed Double Block
Code: HAR406
Original Price: $30.65
Price: $26.97
HAR407 - Harken 16 mm Fixed Double Block w/ Becket
Code: HAR407
Original Price: $33.50
Price: $29.48
HAR408 - Harken 16 mm Fixed Triple Block
Code: HAR408
Original Price: $43.25
Price: $38.06
HAR409 - Harken 16 mm Fixed Triple Block w/ Becket
Code: HAR409
Original Price: $45.55
Price: $40.08
HAR416 - Harken 16 mm Cheek Block
Code: HAR416
Original Price: $17.05
Price: $15.00
HAR417 - Harken 16 mm Single Block w/ Swivel
Code: HAR417
Original Price: $26.45
Price: $23.28
HAR421 - Harken 16 mm Single Thru-Deck Block
Code: HAR421
Original Price: $41.00
Price: $36.08
HAR432 - Harken 16 mm Single Pivot Cheek Block
Code: HAR432
Original Price: $18.40
Price: $16.19
HAR437 - Harken 16 mm Flip-Flop Block
Code: HAR437
Original Price: $38.85
Price: $34.19
HAR442 - Harken 16 mm Block w/ Eyestrap Assembly
Code: HAR442
Original Price: $22.15
Price: $19.49
HAR467 - Harken 16 mm Narrow Ferrule Head Block
Code: HAR467
Original Price: $16.80
Price: $14.78
HARHSB294 - Harken 16 mm Fixed Single w/ Removable Becket Pin
Code: HARHSB294
Original Price: $17.45
Price: $12.85
HAR484 - Harken 16mm Narrow Block w/Bronze Sheave
Code: HAR484
Original Price: $23.40
Price: $20.59

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