Harken Bullet BlocksHarken

Low-friction Harken Bullet Blocks lead control lines aft. They are compact and lightweight, with fast trim and release under high or low loads. A range of styles lets the Harken Bullet Blocks adapt to almost all control line applications.

Delrin ball bearings, sheave, and sideplates are UV-stabilized with carbon black for maximum protection.

Wire Harken Bullet Blocks use roller bearings to carry higher loads and feauture Hardkote-anodized Teflon impregnanted aluminum sheaves for strenght and corrosion resistance. Mast exit blocks with cams used for halyard controls and under boom mainsheets.

Use For:
Traveler controls
Flag halyards
Furling line leads
HAR197 - Harken Exit Bullet Block w/ 150 Cam-Matic (port/stbd)
Code: HAR197
Original Price: $95.15
Price: $83.73
(You Save: $11.42)
HAR220 - Harken Double Bullet Upright Lead Block
Code: HAR220
Original Price: $42.45
Price: $37.36
(You Save: $5.09)
HAR287 - Harken Bullet Thru-deck Block w/ Stainless Steel Cover
Code: HAR287
Original Price: $35.10
Price: $30.89
(You Save: $4.21)
HAR288 - Harken Bullet Wire Thru-deck Block w/ Stainless Steel Cover
Code: HAR288
Original Price: $40.65
Price: $35.77
(You Save: $4.88)
HAR289 - Harken Bullet Exit  Block w/ Stainless Steel Coverplate
Code: HAR289
Original Price: $49.30
Price: $43.38
(You Save: $5.92)
HARHSB293 - Harken Bullet Pivot Exit w/ Aluminum Cam
Code: HARHSB293
Original Price: $86.40
Price: $69.99
(You Save: $16.41)

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