Harken Big Boat CB Traveler Cars 32mmHarken


Harken Traveler 32 mm

Harken Big Boat 32 mm Traveller Cars handle high loads on boats from 32 to 50 ft (9.5 m to 15 m) and up to 70 ft (21 m) with coupled cars.

The one-piece solid aluminum construction is lightweight and strong. Ball bearings run on machined-aluminum, hardcoat-anodized races for smooth trimming and easing. Stainless steel wire guides keep balls captive when the car is off the track. Shackle/toggle cars have low pivot points to handle nonvertical loads.

For a high-performance system, attach Carbo or Black Magic® ball bearing control blocks to stand-up toggle ears, reducing load on the car so bearings don’t bind. Pair with Carbo block end controls for reduced friction and a smooth-running system.

ESP systems feature cars with built-in, axle-bearing control blocks. Pair with axle-bearing ESP end controls for durability and strength.

T3203B and T3203B.HL cars feature stand-up toggles with ears, allowing attachment of separate Carbo or Black Magic® control blocks for a free-running, high-performance system.

T3205B and T3205B.HL lightweight soft-attachment cars provide a variety of rigging solutions—athwartship jib or mainsheet systems, for example. Lash Carbo T2™ or Black Magic® Loop blocks to the car for traveler control.

HART3242B - Harken 32 mm Big Boat Car w/ Stand-Up Toggle/4:1 Controls
Code: HART3242B
Original Price: $366.90
Price: $299.40
HART3242BHL - Harken 32 mm High-Load Big Boat Car w/ Stand-Up Toggle/4:1 Controls
Code: HART3242BHL
Original Price: $527.45
Price: $430.00
HART3243BHL - Harken 32 mm -  High-Load Car/stand-up toggle/ears/4:1 controls
Code: HART3243BHL
Original Price: $567.60
Price: $463.00
HART3244B - Harken 32 mm Big Boat Car w/ 2 Stand-Up Toggles/4:1 Controls
Code: HART3244B
Original Price: $596.25
Price: $487.00
HART3244BHL - Harken 32 mm - 2 High-Load Big Boat Cars w/ 2 Stand-Up Toggles/4:1 Controls
Code: HART3244BHL
Original Price: $864.55
Price: $705.00
HART3208B - Harken 32mm Car BB CB Coupled Travelers W/Toggles
Code: HART3208B
Original Price: $794.15
Price: $648.00

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