Harken 75mm SS ESP Single Footblock

$ 223.95

(Original Price: $ 281.85)

Harken 75mm SS ESP Single Footblock

Cruising ESP blocks complement our existing blocks in looks and function, but are simpler in design and construction. Sheaves feature sleeve bearings to handle high static loads and are ideal for halyards or limited purchase systems on cruising boats.

Footnote If double stacked, upper block/organizer is two-thirds of listed MWL andreaking load. 75
Sheave 3in 114
Length 4 1/2in 454g
Weight 16oz 19
Maximum line 3/4in 1587kg
Maximum working load 3500lb 3175kg
Breaking load 7000lb 10 FH
Fasteners 3/8 FHin in
B 63 2 1/2in