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Nautalytics Compasses
Nautalytics Bulkhead Mount Compass

Nautalytics Bulkhead Mount Compass

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Heading Resolution: 1 degree
Water Resistance: 3m / 10 ft
Display: 1.36" / 34.5 mm digit height with 120 degree viewing cone.
Dimensions: 4.5" x 3.1" x 0.80" / 114.3 mm x 78.7 mm x 20.3 mm
Weight: 8.67 oz / 245.8 g
Warranty: One year.
Power: Photo-voltaic solar cell with battery backup, over 80 hours of continuous-use life (3.3 days).
Sample Update Rate: 6 Hz (6 times per second).

Sailing technology made simple: On button, big battery and solar recharge, AWV technology optics.


  • Magnetic Compass.
  • Wireless Charging.
  • Countdown Timer.
  • Back Light.
  • Poly-Carbonate Housing.


  • Simple Compass.
  • Soft Case.
  • Mounting Plate.


Compass ON:
PRESS and hold the MODE button

Compass to Timer:
PRESS the MODE button

Turn on and off the back light:
PRESS and hold the MODE button while on the compass

Start Timer:
PRESS the GUN button

Sync the Timer Down:
PRESS the GUN button

Change the Timer duration:

  • 1 - PRESS and hold the MODE button while in timer mode until the time blinks
  • 2 - Press MODE to lower time
  • 3 - Press GUN to raise time
  • 4 - PRESS and hold the MODE button to SET timer

Compass OFF:

  • 1 - Lay the compass face down or face up and it will go to "sleep" in about five minutes
  • 2 - The compass will go to sleep if it does not move for five minutes

Battery power level:
The battery level is indicated in the upper left hand corner of the display when the unit is turned on.

Charge the Compass:

  • Solar Charging - The compass needs to be recharged directly in the sun, outdoors, for 2-3 days, 3-4 times a year.
  • Wireless Charging - The compass is equipped with wireless charging. Use a standard Qi Charging Pad.