Forespar External Trip End Fitting UXP-200-EF

External Trip End Fitting UXP-200-EF


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Price: $ 108.00

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For Pole Model UXP-200-EF UXP-200-EF
Fits Diameter 2 in -
Tube I.D. 1.87 in -
End Fitting Length 2.75 in -
End Fitting Weight 6.97 oz -
All ultra ends require a minimum of 1.5" diameter attachment rings at the mast or pad eye to function properly. Undersized rings will damage ends and void warranty.

Represents the cutting edge in spinnaker pole end fitting technology. Designed for high strength, very low weight and resistance to wear and corrosion the Ultra Series™ composite end fitting is perfect for aluminum or carbon fiber spinnaker poles and whisker poles.

The Ultra Series™ is the sailor's choice for inshore and offshore racing and cruising. Available with or without triggers.

Maximum LOA Boat Outboard End: 43'. Maximum LOA Boat Inboard End: 36'. All larger boats use GP Series.

Note: Trip line is Spectra™ with terminal eyestrap included. Length is sufficient for standard pole lengths based on diameter.

Part Number: 304050