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Downwind Color Nostalgia

There was a time when there were actual downwind legs; when you were in front, and you had to fight to keep your air clean, and there was a time when the ocean would be full of color, spinnaker colors! Every old-time seems better, and yachting race events from the past are not the exception!

Racing yachts have always been full of adrenaline and an amazing show to see, but old pictures full of color, light, energy show us how beautiful were those old memories. Only a decent photo can make us relive an amazing feeling in the past. Who can make it possible?

For a renowned 35 years award-winning photographer Sharon Green, taking us back to the past, reliving those old good memories is her specialty. To remember is to live again! This article will be a trip back in time, where Sharon reminds us how better the old days were and reveals some remarkable yacht racing events for her. She also shares how she got these challenging photos and the experiences she lived in that old yachting race.


Sharon considers this event as one of her favorites because of the kind of colors that highlight the ocean:

Sharon: "It was very colorful compared to nowadays. This was my favorite event; there were Spinnakers and Bloopers, so much action. Spinakkers matched the hull. It was a signature, fun graphics, upwind, downwind," Now is just white Spinnakers.

Sharon does remember how challenging was to be there because it was hard to decide where to be while multiple race courses were going simultaneously. She was full of interesting graphics on the hull, interesting boat names, gear that matched, so much fun.

The challenge is to capture on film electrifying moments that take your breath away. Those moments and opportunities are very few, but when they happen... it is Ultimate Sailing."


She describes Kenwood as an amazing event. Many helicopters worked at this event because it was the only way to get around, and it was so rough. There were overnight races, distance races, reaching legs, round state races, lots of colors. The biggest challenge for her was: photographing, get around in the big sees on the water, which was difficult but fun to capture moments. In Hawaii, the sun went down at 6 pm, and she had to take photos when they were big puffy clouds on the horizon. So challenging for a photographer because she could lose her light, and film speed was prolonged.


In this event, she remembers how beautiful was the huge turquoise salty seas and admits how difficult it was to decide where to capture the best yacht. She had to guess which one would be god, which one would do more things and more action. She got interesting shots, full of colors; she could capture some huge waves and the most professional sailors in this fabulous Kew west event.


She likes to work with experienced drivers who know about sailing to ensure a safe position when taking photos. She also protects her camera equipment, which requires modifying the cooler, taking care of the big lenses, hard case, the Dryback (if something goes back). She also admits that she needs a good pilot to take the best photos.

"You require to be well organized, and a boat driver who really understands what is sailing is the key."

She makes the impossible possible! Sharon Green, the one who felt the adrenaline from start to finish in each race event, and let us relive those old gorgeous moments.

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