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Coffee with the Champions: Juan Mauri

Hello Sailors! Welcome to our first edition of "Coffee with a Champion." We sat down with Juan Mauri - and a coffee on our hands - to chit-chat about his favorite memories from his racing days and his passion for the sea.

1. Which is the biggest regatta you have ever sailed?

I raced the old days of Key West Race Week, which was pretty big. I also remember T-Ten Nationals and J24 Worlds in Newport as one of the largest regattas (in the number of boats) I have sailed.

2. Which bay/sailing area have you always wanted to sail in?

From the dinghy side, I still miss Garda, and there are a couple of places in the Adriatic on my bucket list.

3. Which is your favorite place to sail and why?

I would have to say, Mar del Plata, Argentina. Twenty plus knots with big waves, you cannot ask for more. In all fairness, anything with big swells, I am okay with it.

4. Funniest blooper when racing?

After 44 years of racing and cruising, the list becomes quite large. The "bloopers" range from missing starts, leaving crew members at the dock (by mistake), shrimping spinnakers, and wild broaches; but no matter how bad they went, we always end up laughing about it.

5. How do you think MAURIPRO became the company it is right now?

Place the customers first and look for profits later. Our marketing and CX teams are the largest in the industry, and the constant look for improvement has allowed us to become the best store where to buy sailing equipment. Also, from day one, we understood that there are sailors worldwide. Our team is fluent in seven different languages, and our logistics team will send parts to the moon if there is a sailor sailing there.

6. What would be your advice for young entrepreneurs and sailors worldwide?

For young entrepreneurs, keep the goal ahead of you. Make it clear, and do not get distracted or discouraged; keep pushing, and you will make it. For sailors, keep a couple of cold ones in the cooler and never stop sailing!

7. Do you have a favorite / lucky sail?

I don't have a particular favorite sail; I know that surfing dead downwind with the pole square is one of my favorite points of sail, as it requires a lot of concentration, communication, and a time when you can make huge gains.

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8. Which are your following projects ahead?

From the business point of view, we will continue to grow the store, add more easy-to-tools to the website, and improve our global logistics. From a personal point of view, I will continue my support to protect sharks. I am also involved in a couple of projects of conversation about the Amazon Rainforest and a couple of eco-friendly eco-tourism projects in the same area.

As a closing statement, I was lucky to start sailing when I was young; I have friends around the world and work with a fantastic group of young professionals, they keep me feeling young and motivated to keep learning the new ways of e-commerce while allowing me time to pursue some other areas of interest.

Ask Juan:

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