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Chain Dimensions - Choose the best one for your needs!

Each anchor, anchor rode, and windlass needs a specific chain model to work with, but identifying which one you need can be quite confusing... we get that. Many available in the market have similar names, so knowing how to differentiate them can be the key to avoiding any mistakes. That's why MAURIPRO has created the following Chain Dimensions Guide (or table) to help you find the model you need!

If you are unsure which chain model you currently have or aren't sure which chain will fit your unit, measure it as shown on the diagram on the left and match it to the D, P & W measurements to find out!


Diagram Chain Dimensions
mm. in. mm. in. mm. in.
6 mm DIN 7666.000.2418.500.7320.400.80
6 mm ISO 45656.000.2418.000.7121.600.85
1/4" ACCO ISO G43(G4)7.000.2821.300.8424.400.96
7 mm DIN 7667.000.2822.000.8723.800.94
1/4" ACCO BBB (3B)7.140.2822.100.8725.200.99
8 mm DIN 7668.000.3224.000.9527.201.07
8 mm ISO 45658.000.3224.000.9528.801.13
5/16" ACCO ISO G43 (G4)8.400.3326.201.0329.701.17
Lewmar 9.5 mm G409.500.3731.501.2431.601.24
3/8" Cambell S410.000.3929.001.1535.001.30
10 mm ISO 456510.000.3930.001.1836.001.42
3/8" Cambell S310.000.3735.001.3634.001.31
10 mm DIN 76610.000.3928.001.1036.001.42
3/8" ACCO ISO G43 (G4)10.000.3931.001.2235.001.38
11 mm Short Link11.000.4333.001.3039.001.54
11 mm DIN 76611.000.4331.001.2240.001.58
7/16" ACCO ISO G43 (G4)11.800.4535.501.4040.101.58
Lewmar 12 mm G30 / G40 12mm Short Link (G4)12.000.4736.001.4240.501.59
13 mm DIN 76613.000.5136.001.4247.001.85
1/2" ACCO ISO G43(G4)13.200.5240.401.5945.701.80
1/2" ACCO ISO G43(G4)13.200.5240.401.5945.701.80
Lewmar 14 mm G30 / G40 14 mm Short Link14.000.5542.001.6549.001.93
14 mm DIN 76614.000.5541.001.6150.001.97
14 mm Studlink14.000.5556.002.2150.401.98
16 mm Short Link16.000.6348.001.8956.002.21
16 mm DIN 76616.000.6345.001.7758.002.28

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