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Sailboat Winch Handles and Accessories


Sometimes sailing demands more than what you can pull in by hand on a winch. That is why we at Mauri Pro Sailing provide you with the Winch Handles you need to grind your winch for any trim or hoist. We carry a variety of handles engineered with spring-loaded locking systems and ergonomic grips to improve performance and power transfer on the winch. Take a look at our One-Touch solutions made by Dax and Lewmar to quickly lock in and release, or our WinchRite Electric Winch Handles to quickly crank at the touch of a button.

10 Inch or 8 Inch Winch Handle?
A 10 inch winch handle allows a winch to operate at its rated power ratio and is ideal when power is highly important. An 8 inch winch handle is useful on small boats where sheeting in quickly is important and the load is relatively light. If in doubt, the 10 inch winch handle is the more common choice.

About Lewmar Winch handles
Lewmar makes several types of winch handles in both 10 and 8 in sizes. Lewmar one touch winch hadles are easy to insert and remove, making taking a racing boat much more smooth. Lewmar Chrome lock in winch handles match the aesthetics of chrome wiches and make excellent winch handles for chrome winches. The red lock in floating winch handles from Lewmar prevent the permanant loss of a winch handle, even with the clumsiest of crews. Lewmar one touch palm grip winch handles allow sailors to use two hands to grind in the sail, increasing the force that is applied. Palm grip winch handles are also convient for fast sheeting when there is a low load.

About Harken Winch Handles
Harken Winch Handles are robust, low friction and match a wide range of cranking needs for both racers and cruisers. Harken Winch Handles feature a ball bearing grip that efficiently transmits power into the winch. All handles fit international standard winch sockets. Harken SpeedGrip handles are designed for the serious racer and effective in both light and heavy air conditions. The unique grip permits low-load fast cranking using the palm, and powerful two-handed grinding when loads are high. The low-profile B8ASGLP is made for fast, one-handed cranking where speed is the concern, not power.

About Antal Winch Handles
In addition to having standard, double and palm grip winch handles, Antal also makes winch handles to match the styling of classic boats. Antal Broze winch handles and Antal wood grip winch handles provide a classic look while having the functionality of modern winch handles.

About Dax One Touch Winch Handles
The Original One touch Winch Handles. Unlike old-style locking handles that use a jam-prone rotating square plate, the OneTouch employs 2 stainless steel locking pins activated by a Grab-bar running the full length of the upper surface of the handle. Designed for one-hand operation, just gripping the handle places the pins into unlock mode. Insert into the winch, let go, and the pins lock the handle in place ! To release, simply grab and lift out - super-fast, and snag free!  Strength, speed, and ease of operation - the Dax OneTouch is quickly becomes the handle of choice with racers and cruisers alike.

About WinchRite Electric Winch Handles
The WinchRite electric winch handle is designed with a socket drive that will not unthread. This allows all winches to be operated in both directions. It works on all single and two speed winches where a standard eight point handle is utlized. Operating the WinchRite should always utilize the lowest speed of your winch to ensure maximum pull and least battery comsumtion. By using the lower speed of the winch less resistance is produced with greater torque. This will also reduce overheating of the sealed motor/drive unit within its housing and increase life span. 

Sailboat Winch Handles and Accessories