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Choosing a Lewmar Mainsheet Travellers

Choosing the right Lewmar Traveller System is important to make control of your mainsail safe and easy. The right mainsail traveler will run smoothly, tack cleanly, and be easy to trim. Below is a quick reference to the correct system based on boat size.

Lewmar Size 0 Travellers

Lewmar Ocean Size 0 traveller systems are appropriate for boats up to 28' (8.5m) when used with an end-boom mainsheet. If the traveller is installed on the cabin-top for a mid-boom sheeting arrangement it’s suggested you use a Lewmar Size 0 traveler on boats up to 24' (7.3m). The same reduced size limit is recommended for multihull sailboats because they have higher mainsheet loads than monohulls of the same size.

Lewmar Size 1 Travellers

Lewmar Size 1 traveller systems are popular on racing and cruising yachts. They provide enough load capacity and mechanical advantage to operate on boats up to 38' (11.5m) with an end-boom mainsheet. For mid-boom mainsheet arrangements (or on multihulls) only use Size 1 travellers on boats up to 34' (10.3m).

Lewmar Size 2 Travellers

Lewmar Size 2 traveller systems offer up to 5:1 purchase on the traveler control line. Boats up to 48' (14.6m) can use these travellers for end-boom sheeting. Multihulls and boats with mid-boom sheeting should only use this size up to 44' (13.4m).

Lewmar Size 3 Travellers

Lewmar Size 3 traveller systems offer varying purchase from 2:1 (intended for winch use) to 5:1. The stated range is up to 70' (21.3m) with end-boom sheeting or 60' (18.2m) for mid-boom sheeting or multihull use. In this size range it is recommend that you consider more information like mainsheet purchase, sail area and deck construction to ensure proper fit. For help with this, or to assemble a custom traveller system for even larger yachts, please contact our technical experts for advice.

Lewmar Traveler & Genoa Cars