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MAURIPRO Canvas - Mainsail Covers (MZ Style)

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MAURIPRO Canvas - Mainsail Covers (MZ Style)

Important: Measurement forms are required for all mainsail cover orders. Mainsail Covers are ordered by boom length.

Specification: Our MZ Style (stay in boom cover) is manufactured from solution dyed Acrylic and is supplied complete with sail cover, mast collar, line and blocks. This product consists of a boom cover, stiffened at the top with battens and with a zippered flap to close the top and protect the mainsail from UV damage. The zipper slider on the lap closes aft to forward with a lanyard making top closure simple.

The cradle wraps around the mast and is fitted with zipper at it's forward end. When sailing the mast section can be folded back inside the cover where it is held by press clips.The zip sliders are fitted with lanyards and close bottom up.

The Mauri MZ Mainsail Cover lines are supplied in three parts.

  • (a) the forward and after support V's with spliced eyes to fit over the batten and with fitted blocks.
  • ((b) An upper inverted V with spliced eyes and shackles for attaching to the beckets of the blocks on the lower V's and fitted with a block in the apex of the V.
  • (c) The upper line with a spliced eye to attach to the block becket on the inverted V with the downhaul end whipped and sealed with a mouse loop.

Line lengths are determined by a formula based on foot length but some trimming of the mast downhaul may be required.

The MZ Style Mainsail Cover is normally attached to the boom by slides or bolt rope which are selectable online but custom options can be accommodated if specific detail is supplied.

All zippers are white YKK # 10 with plastic sliders.

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