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Mantus Anchors Chain Hooks

Mantus Anchors
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Mantus Anchors Chain Hooks

The Mantus Chain Hook, or chain grabber securely latches to the chain even when chain is unloaded, making it much safer than standard chain hooks that often fall off.

The chain hook has no moving parts, thus can withstand harsh marine environment.


  • The chain grabber is safe, designed to be as strong as high test chain.
  • The Mantus Hook will work with your bridle, snubber, or can join two chain strands.
  • Fits BBB, Proofcoil, Hi Test and Stainless Chain.
  • Plastic gate and a shackle are included in the price.
  • Available for 1/4,5/16, 3/8 and 1/2 inch chain.
  • MAURIPRO Sailing, your direct access to Mantus Anchors Chain Hooks and all your other sailing and boating needs.