Optimist Rudder Hardware and Tillers470
OPTEX652948 - Optiparts - Universal Joint with Rope Core (fixed base)
Code: OPTEX652948
Price: $ 10.95
OPTEX652950 - Optiparts - Universal Joint with Rope Core (releasable base with pin and tubing)
Code: OPTEX652950
Price: $ 13.95
OPTEX1140 - Optiparts Optimist Black Deluxe Tiller Extension
Code: OPTEX1140
Price: $ 49.95
OPTEX1141 - Optiparts Optimist Jamaica Special tiller Extension
Code: OPTEX1141
Price: $ 49.95
OPTEX1142 - Optiparts Optimist Standard Tiller Extension
Code: OPTEX1142
Price: $ 36.95
OPTEX1116 - Optiparts Optimist Daggerboard Slot Insert (bumper)
Code: OPTEX1116
Price: $ 1.55
OPTEX1117 - Optiparts Optimist Daggerboard Protection Kit
Code: OPTEX1117
Price: $ 21.95

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