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Schaefer's Blocks rely on a variety of sheaves designs and scorings. Schaefer sheaves are design to be compatible with Schaefer products. There is a risk of incompatibility or failure when using Schaefer sheaves in blocks manufactued by anyone other than Schaefer Marine. Schaefer Delrin™ Sheaves are injected molded with UV inhibitors and monitored molding cycles lending to a strong, UV resistant product. These sheaves offer durable, lasting service for all line applications.

SCH6201903B - Schaefer Sheave 2 3/8 in (60mm) OD/ Black Delrin
Code: SCH6201903B
Original Price: $53.80
Price: $40.67
(You Save: $13.13)
CLFSCH62019 - Schaefer Sheave 2 3/8 in (60mm) OD/ White Delrin
Code: CLFSCH62019
Original Price: $12.96
Price: $11.50
(You Save: $1.46)
17 available for immediate delivery
CLFSCH6204301 - Schaefer Sheave 1 7/8 in (48mm) OD/ White Delrin
Code: CLFSCH6204301
Price: $11.50
1 available for immediate delivery

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