Schaefer Series 5 Blocks


Schaefer's 5 Series Blocks offer small to medium sized cruising and racing yachts and extremely high strength/weight ratio resulting in a highly refined and reliable block. Their strength and styling has also made them popular for medium use on bigger yachts teaming up with Schaefer's larger Series Blocks.

Schaefer's versatile Universal Head design has a three way built in locking feature and accepts "universal" adapters for custom mounting. Schaefer offers you the choice of brilliant Stainless Steel or Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum cheeks with UV protected Delrin™ or Delrin™ Ball Bearing sheaves. 5 Series Blocks provide you with extreme durability and versatility on any sailboat.

Cheeks are constructed of tumbled and polished Stainless Steel or Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum for maximum resistance to corrosion and cracking common in Plastic designs. Sheaves are made of high impact Delrin™ or Delrin™ running on Delrin™ Ball Bearings.

Original Price: $ 134.65
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Price: $ 339.95

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