Wichard Emergency Boarding Ladder

$ 159.95

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Wichard Emergency Boarding Ladder

Emergency Boarding Ladder

Wichard's emergency boarding ladder based on an etrier(a-tree-ar) used in rock climbing as an aid for climbing sheer faces. The ladder is made from doubled layered nylon webbing stitched to withstand 6000 lb loads. Designed to be attached to a life line stanchion, pad eye or cleat, its glow in the dark loop hangs over the side ready to be grabbed or deployed in seconds.

Unlike a rope ladder, the Etrier will not collaspe when stepped on because the steps hang from a center strap. The rungs are double layered to keep them open and easy to step into. A forged shackle secures the ladder to an attachment point.

The Emergency Boarding Ladder is packed into a 1000 denier cordura bag ready to be mounted. We recommend that you use two ladders one for each side.

Part Number: SP992