These tanks are available in 4 sizes, with capacities of approximately 25 (horizontal and vertical), 60 or 80 litres. The tanks are made of odor impermeable synthetic material and the contents level can be seen from outside.

Angled inlet connectors can be ordered separately; see pricelist. One hole has already been provided, to connect the inlet fitting. These tanks are suitable for mounting under the side decks, above the waterline. When permitted, the contents of the tank can be gravity discharged at sea, without the assistance of a pump. Simply opening the sea cock will empty the tank.

Product Features:

  • Suction pipe with Ø 38 mm angled hose connector
  • Angled hose connector, Ø 38 mm, for discharge
  • Inspection cover
  • Angled hose connector, Ø 19 mm, for tank ventilation (breather)

Product No. Capacity Material Rigid/Flexible Dimensions
(Length x Width x Height)
WW25WH 25L
(6.5 gal)
Synthetic Rigid 430 x 235 x 475mm
WW25W 25L
(6.5 gal)
Synthetic Rigid 340 x 235 x 620mm
WW60W 60L
Synthetic Rigid 440 x 350 x 665mm
WW80W 80L
(21 gal)
Synthetic Rigid 570 x 350 x 665mm
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Vetus Waste Water Tank, 25 L, Bulkhead Mounted, Horizontal version Complete, (excl. Inlet Fitting)
Original Price: $ 395.50
Price: $ 306.95

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