Small cabins aboard boats must be ventilated adequately and be connected to the outside air on a permanent basis.This is especially important when the temperature drops, so as to keep the air humidity inside and outside as equal as possible. This is necessary to reduce condensation and its consequences.

Closeable deck ventilator type UFO2

Vetus has combined the cover of their well-known low profile UFO deck ventilator with an integral mushroom ventilator. This deck ventilator type UFO2, can now be closed altogether and made absolutely watertight when at sea or when power washing the boat. However, when opened, the UFO2 ensures constant ventilation whilst still remaining rain and splash proof. The cover is made from high-gloss polished stainless steel (AISI 316). The mushroom ventilator is also stainless steel and provided with an integral mosquito screen. A synthetic finishing ring is supplied as standard. Free flow area: 30 cm².

Type Material Free Flow Area
UFO2 Stainless steel 30cm²
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Vetus Closable Deck Ventilator Type UFO 2 (incl. Plastic trim Ring)
Original Price: $ 120.50
Price: $ 94.95

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