Vetus Louvered Air Suction Vent Type ASV 100

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Vetus Louvered Air Suction Vent Type ASV 100

A marine diesel engine needs sufficient air in order to function correctly. The volume of combustion air required is approximately 6.1m³ per kW (4.5 m³ per hp) per hour, based on a maximum air velocity of 3m/sec. In addition to combustion air, the engine also requires sufficient ventilation air to dissipate the radiated heat. The volume of ventilation air required is about the same as the combustion air needed. The design of the VETUS air suction vents is based on these principles. The model numbers given in the table relate to the engine horsepower for which they are suitable. When designing the engine room layout, it is therefore easy to calculate the size of the air vents required. Do not forget to allow for extra vents to extract the heat from the engine space as well. For example: A boat with an engine of 60 hp will require for the combustion and ventilation air, 2 louvred air suction vents type 60 (1 x Starboard + 1 x Port) or 4 type 30 vents (2 x Starboard + 2 x Port).

The frame is made of polished anodized aluminum and the grilles of naturally anodised aluminum.

Product No. A B
(Cutout Radious)
Free Flow Area in dm^2*
ASV-20 300mm 280mm 117mm 97mm 48mm,5mm 0mm,83mm
ASV-25 350mm 330mm 117mm 97mm 48mm,5mm 1mm,00mm
ASV-30 360mm 340mm 130mm 110mm 55mm 1mm,22mm
ASV-40 450mm 430mm 130mm 110mm 55mm 1mm,59mm
ASV-50 490mm 470mm 146mm 126mm 63mm 2mm,02mm
ASV-60 570mm 550mm 146mm 126mm 63mm 2mm,41mm
ASV-70 590mm 570mm 159mm 139mm 69mm,5mm 2mm,83mm
ASV-80 660mm 640mm 159mm 139mm 69mm,5mm 3mm,21mm
ASV-90 670mm 650mm 172mm 152mm 76mm 3mm,63mm
ASV-100 730mm 710mm 172mm 152mm 76mm 4mm,00mm
ASV-125 750mm 730mm 198mm 178mm 89mm 5mm,03mm
ASV-150 890mm 870mm 198mm 178mm 89mm 6mm,08mm