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Deck Organizers

Deck organizers lead halyards and control lines aft, allowing crew to sail from the security of the cockpit. Deck organizers lead a large number of lines through a small space. The most common scenario on larger boats is that the person at the cockpit has only two winches to handle eight or nine lines. With so many control lines and so few winches, it is no surprise that there will be times when you will be short a winch. To utilize both winches most effectively, place a deck organizer aft of the rope clutches and stoppers on your boat so lines can be routed to the far side winch. This is a common technique on custom boats which often lead the control lines straight to a line of rope clutches and stoppers, but it can also be done very effectively on production boats that lead half of the controls down either side of the cabin house.

Deck Organizers should have one more sheave than the number of control lines that are going to be ran through. Pass the lines between the sheaves so they can be turned to the winch on either side of the boat as a precautionary measure for whatever the situation calls for. Halyards often see very high loads because you are trying to tension fully-loaded sails, or the bolt rope or luff tape can cause friction that will make it difficult to hoist the sail. On double stacked deck organizers, it is recommend that the higher load lines, such as halyards, are run through the lower sheaves of the deck organizer.

Precautions for Installing an Deck Organizer
When loading the sheave, the load is a factor of the load on the line and the angle of deflection from the deck organizer. A sheave that turns a line 30 degrees sees only 52% of the load, while a sheave that turns a line 90 degrees sees 141% of the load. If an deck organizer is double stacked, the top organizer is two-thirds of the listed maximum working load and breaking load. All high load lines are highly recommended to run on the lower sheaves.

Maintaining your Deck Organizer
Keep your deck organizer clean and free-running by frequently flushing with fresh water. Periodically clean with a very mild detergent and water solution and spin the sheaves to distribute soap solution evenly. Do not use mineral oil or solvent based lubricants. The wrong lubricants will degrade the bearing properties in the deck organizer. Do not leave heavy loads on the deck organizer when not in use as this may slightly deform the bearings in the sheaves. Normally the bearings in the deck organizer sheaves will return to their proper shape after rotation, but an initial resistance to rolling may be felt.

We at MAURIPRO Sailing provide single, stackable and double stacked Deck Organizers from many trusted brands such as Antal, Harken, Lewmar and Ronstan. We also are willing to assist you in choosing the right organizer for your sailing needs.

Deck Organizers