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Selden Aluminum Spinnaker Pole - 96 mm Dia. - Max. Length 6260 mm (20.5 ft.) - End For End

Selden Aluminum Spinnaker Pole - 96 mm Dia. - Max. Length 6260 mm (20.5 ft.) - End For End


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Seldén aluminium spinnaker poles give you fast and safe spinnaker handling. All the fittings have well-rounded edges to prevent personal injury and damage to equipment. The extrusions are lightweight and very durable, and are fitted with pole savers to shield the pole against damage from forestay and shrouds.

Composite end fittings are available for our Dia. 48-Dia. 96 poles. These fittings are normally used for end-for-end gybing but can be used for vertical pole stowage and dip gybing as well.

Our traditional aluminium fittings for dip gybing are available for the Dia. 72-Dia. 111 sections.

Trip trigger
All aluminium fittings and composite fittings for Dia. 72-Dia. 111 poles are available with a trip trigger function. You open the end fitting with a control line and the sheet locks it automatically. This makes life easier for the foredeck crew.

Four good ways
There are four basic ways to handle the spinnaker. The end-for-end method, with the topping lift and downhaul attached to the centre of the spinnaker pole, is most suitable for boats up to 25 feet in length. Another endfor-end method, with the topping lift at the centre of the pole and the downhaul attached to the outboard end, is best for masthead rigged boats (max. 33 ft) and fractionally rigged boats (max. 40 ft). The third method, dip pole, is suitable for larger boats. The fourth way, twin pole arrangements, is recommended for yachts ranging from 40 feet and upwards. Twin poles make it much easier and safer to gybe with the spinnaker on a big yacht.