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Which Raymarine i Series is right for you?

The Raymarine i Series is one of the most complete sailing electronic devices nowadays. They are designed to give you real-time data about your sailing performance very simply and intuitively. However, there are many models in the i Series.

In this article, we will tell you the different characteristics and features of these instruments to help you identify which is the one that is more suitable for you and your boat.

i40: Compact Speed, Depth, Wind, and BiData instruments

Their big displays are perfect for smaller powerboats, yachts, and RIBs. These compact yet powerful SeaTalk instrument displays offer full integration with Raymarine autopilots and navigation equipment and can be surface or trunnion mounted.

The available Raymarine i40 Instrument Displays (sold separately) are:

  • i40 Depth: with crystal clear depth readout, shallow and deep anchor alarms, and minimum depth display.
  • i40 Speed: which shows current, maximum, and average boat speed, log trip, and sea temperature.
  • i40 BiData: which also shows Speed, Depth, log, and sea temperature, but the main strength is the two sets of data at once in large or small digits.
  • i40 Wind: identifies apparent wind speed and direction, actual wind speed and direction, and talks to your autopilot to steer your boat to a selected apparent wind angle.

i50: Dedicated Function Speed & Depth Instruments

The i50 instruments are designed to complement Raymarine's latest generation multifunction displays. These stylish, dedicated-function instruments are perfect for sailors with small powerboats, yachts, and RIBs looking for extra-large digits and a multi-line TriData unit.

Another difference with the i40 Series is the compatibility with the NMEA 2000 interface. It comes in addition to the SeaTalk, and SeaTalking interfaces also found in the i40.

The available Raymarine i50 Instrument Displays (sold separately) are:

  • i50 Depth: with larger displays, depth trend indicator, minimum and maximum depth, and audible shallow, anchor, and deep water alarms.
  • i50 Speed: with sea surface temperature, trip, and log data, shows precisely speed through water or Speed over ground (GPS required).
  • i50 TriData: which combines depth and speed data, is easy to read by its 3-line display, has dedicated depth and speed displays, and includes Trip/log, sea temperature, and SOG.

i60: Wind and Close Hauled Wind marine instruments

The i60 analog and digital instruments complement the all-new Raymarine multifunctional displays (MFDs). Engineered specifically for performance-cruise sailboaters looking to improve their performance with tactical data to plan their strategy when racing, these stylish, dedicated-function instruments cover Wind and close-hauled wind options.

Excellent viewing angles for day and night conditions and simple push-button controls make i60 instruments extremely easy to see and use. They are also simple to install, thanks to the front-mount design.

The available Raymarine i60 Digital Instrument (sold separately) are:

  • i60 Wind: with analog and digital data, can calculate apparent (relative) and actual wind speed/angle (true wind requires SeaTalk speed through water data).
  • i60 Close Hauled Wind: with a magnified 20º - 60º display, is the perfect instrument when a single degree can make all the difference.

i70s: Multifunction Instrument Display

The i70s multifunction lets you display the most important instrument and navigation data. Equipped with a bold and bright 4.1" display, the i70s is easy-to-customize with digital, analog, and graphical displays of Depth, Speed, Wind, and more. You can add the i70s to your existing Raymarine instrument system or create a network of i70s displays and sensors. The choice is yours.

The i70s can display all you need to be aware of, from traditional analog dials to engine information and tank levels. Moreover, it has the capabilities to show it all. The i70s are made for sailors looking for a top-quality data display system, highly customizable and compatible with many different Raymarine interfaces installed in the boat.


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