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Ronstan's Series 55 Orbit Ratchets

Ronstan's Series 55 Orbit Ratchets are the only ratchet blocks available in the market with both auto and manual engagement modes. The auto mode mechanism engages when load is applied, but switches off when it is released. The mechanism relieves the effort of holding the line load during extended periods of time but also helps the line run out smoothly when easing sheets and gybing asymmetric spinnakers. The manual mechanism lets the sailor switch on or off as required, which is preferred by more experienced sailors.

The Orbit Ratchets can hold lines up to 10 mm which are mostly used in boats up to 26 feet. It has the highest holding power available (up to 37 kg) thanks to the excellent grip given by the sophisticated NC-machined sheave Generation 2 of Ronstan's patented sheave crosshole geometry. The unique sheave design has 12 gripping faces in contrast with traditional designs which only have 8 faces. Generation 2 design has straight resistance faces which both distribute the load and minimize rope wear. These faces are offset from the radial line, to draw the rope down into the gripping area when under load.

Series 55 Orbit Ratchets are also in the top list of lightest ratchet blocks in the market (82g). Series 55 Orbit Ratchets are ideal for single crewed small dinghies' mainsheet systems, other medium sized dinghies, small keelboats and sportsboats' spinnaker sheet systems and halyard, vang and backstay applications.

Boat Type LOA (ft) Application
Optimist Centreboard 8 Mainsheet
Moth Centreboard 11 Mainsheet
Sunfish Centreboard 14 Mainsheet
International 14 Skiff 14 Mainsheet, Shroud Tensioning System
Finn Centreboard 15 Mainsheet, Traveler
470 Centreboard 16 Mainsheet, Spinnaker
49er Skiff 16 Mainsheet, Spinnaker
Melges 20 Keel 20 Mainsheet, Spinnaker and Jib System
J24 Keel 24 Mainsheet and Spinnaker System
Viper 640 Sport Boat 21 Mainsheet, Spinnaker
Criteria Feature
Sheave Size 55mm
Weight 82g
Max Line 10mm-3/8in
Mechanism Power Auto + Mechanical
Holding Power 82 lbs
Pin 5mm
Maxium Working Load 784.43 kg
Safe Working Load 249.48kg
Part Material
Sheave Hard Anoised Aluminium
Ball Bearings Carbon Black Acetal
Frame/Cheeks Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon
Rope Link Sk75 Dyneema
Head Fitting Grade 316 Stainless Steel

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