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How to select the proper spare parts kit for your next trip

Preparing the equipment well ahead of a race or a sailing trip-voyage is something that every wise sailor (experienced or not) should do religiously. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing for sure what will break or blow out from the deck when least expected. However, having just enough replacement equipment on board for at least the most vulnerable parts, assures that when everything goes south, the risk of suffering major damage is greatly reduced.

Even though the number of spares that a boat carries will vary depending on the sailing style and preferences of each boat owner, there are some items that should never be missed on a spares kit. At Mauri Pro, we have developed a list of essentials that every sailor, regardless of the type of sailing they do, should have on their boat.

Rigging Spares
Even if you have checked a million times that your rigging is not corroded or at risk of breaking, you should always have some spares just in case. Always make sure to have a bag for an emergency replacement for the following:

Hardware Spares
Hardware such as winches, furlers, traveler and genoa cars can also suffer unexpected damage when cruising or racing. Get ahead and keep a handful of these spares for your hardware:

Engine Spares

This kit is generally what every sailboat should have as a spare kit prior to sailing away from the harbor, however, it does not include other very important items such as medical equipment or food. If you have any other questions or comments on what should be essential on a spare kit, don't hesitate to let us know, your comments are very well appreciated!

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