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Vetus Bow & Stern Bow Thrusters


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There are 7 models of hydraulic Bow Thrusters in the Vetus range. They are standard supplied with a hydraulic motor which is supplied with high pressure hydraulic fluid from a centred system. If the pump and associated tank are already installed on board, this assembly may be able to be used to drive the bow thruster too. If a PTO (Power Take Off) connection is supplied, this will greatly simplify the installation of the hydraulic pump. Vetus can also supply the required load sensing and control devices.

Combining a Vetus Stern Thruster with a Vetus bow thruster, will provide an even greater manoeuvrability of your boat in locks or harbours. By placing a side-directional thruster in the bow and another one at the transom, docking, sailing away, finding a spot in the lock or marina, becomes child's play! Even the effects of wind and current can be effectively countered. Installation of a Vetus stern thruster is simple, the electric motor and other electric components are fitted internally to the transom of the boat. The tunnel and the propeller are installed externally on the transom.

Vetus Bow & Stern Bow Thrusters