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Tactiqs Performance System


What do I need to get started?

The Tactiqs application is available for iPads and iPhones (iOS) - you can use any number of iPads and iPhones together based on your boat type and crew positions. The first device you connect becomes the master calculating all performance metrics, while any further devices with the app can replicate all metrics independently and control system functions such as the start timer or the course setup. The Tactiqs application can be downloaded on the Apple App Store for iOS, and offers a demonstration mode so you can explore the application's features without having to be on a boat. When you first open the app a quick tutorial shows you the main functions. To configure your boat, create an account on https://tactiqs.io and then set up your boat on the My Boats page. The built-in VPP database contains many popular boat types ready to use.

Tactiqs Performance System

With Tactiqs you will be able to:
  • Start at the gun with full speed, and know which side of the line is favored
  • Understand the wind shifts along the course and know when you are lifted versus headed
  • Know when you are on the layline and its time to tack/gybe to the mark
  • See your boat speed and VMG performance against your polar targets in real-time
  • Plan your coastal races with the Navigator function and get VPP predictions for each leg based on the wind conditions you choose
  • Visualize performance metrics and wind conditions along the race track in the post-race Analyzer to see where you gained or lost time
  • Know the most frequent wind angles and wind speeds for the race and compare real-life polar measurements with your VPP targets
  • Quickly set up your boat and sail inventory information on the tactiqs.io portal providing ready-to-use VPP polars for nearly 200 boat types