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It doesn't matter if you are a daysailor on an afternoon outing or a blue-water racer; safety is no joke. We at Mauri Pro Sailing make boat safety a high priority, with a full range of safety equipment and life vests to make sure that when you go out on the high seas, you come back in one piece. Keep your head above water with our assortment of life vest, PFDs, and buoyancy aids. Safety harnesses and tethers will keep you on the boat when the weather gets rough. If somebody does go in the water, you will be thankful you had the proper man-overboard safety equipment and rescue light. If you find yourself in a tight spot, you can use a marine rescue tool to cut your way loose.

Mustang Safety Equipment
With Mustang safety equipment and life vests, you will be relying on technology used by commercial fishermen, military professionals, the Coast Guard, and Nasa astronauts. Most Mustang inflatable life vests are universally sized, and come in a variety of manual and automatic configurations. With Mustang re arm kits, you can make sure your life vest is always ready for the next survival scenario.

Spinlock Deckware
With Spinlock safety equipment, you will ready for anything that can happen on a sailboat. Their USCG approved Deckvest series feature reliable inflatable life vests in a range of sizes, along with re-arming kits to keep your pfd prepared. Safety equipment such as harnesses and safety tethers are essential for any blue-water sailor planning to encounter rough weather. A range of accessories and safety equipment keeps your life vest in good condition and keeps you ready for any situation on the boat. Finally, knee pads might not seem like essential safety equipment until you've been banged around on the boat one too many times.

Safety Equipment
Forespar features a variety of safety equipment, including emergency plugs, man-overboard flags, and safety strobes. Spinlock offers a range of high strength, lightweight safety lines to complement their line of deckware. Safety equipment from Wichard includes forged stainless steel snap hooks and specifically designed safety hooks, safety tethers and jacklines, and accessories such as a boarding ladder or the unique Boom Brake for preventing out of control gybes.

Marine Tools
Most people will (hopefully) never use these marine tools for anything beyond slicing lines and routine maintenance, but if you do find yourself in an emergency situation, you will be glad you have a reliable tool. Gill features a range of multitools specifically designed for marine safety use. Depending on which tool you choose, features can include knife blade, harness cutting tool, shackle key, marlin spike, and screwdriver.

Life Vest & Buoyancy Aid
We offer a life vest that will suit any sailor's needs. Buoyancy aids are a favorite of competitive dinghy sailors everywhere, providing an extra safety edge while minimally restricting mobility. USCG approved inflatable life vests are essential for any blue-water sailor or racer, with re-arm kits available. USCG approved pfds and junior life vests are perfect for dinghies and small boat sailing, as well as powerboat outings. Impact vests are specifically designed for kiteboarding to give you maximum range of motion while providing an extra level of safety.