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Sailing Genoa Leads & Cars

Cruising Genoa Furlers

Furling systems for cruising boats are designed to be safe, dependable, and easy to use, letting you smoothly furl and unfurl your headsail and reef in a blow. Roll the sail out instead of motoring in light wind, and quickly furl the sail to control boat speed when maneuvering in a crowded harbor, all from the safety and comfort of the cockpit. A reliable cruising genoa furler greatly simplifies life for the solo or shorthanded sailor.

Racing Genoa Furlers

Racing genoa furlers are designed to be easy to use without sacrificing performance. Independent halyard and tack swivels allow you to furl the sail smoothly while keeping optimal sail shape, and twin luff grooves make sail changes easier. Racing headfoils are as lightweight and aerodynamic as possible, with a rounded elliptical design that won't hinder airflow over the jib as much as bulkier cruising versions. The independent swivels of a racing genoa furler allow the center of the sail to begin reefing/furling before the head and tack, which maintains sail shape and improves upwind pointing over a cruising furler.

Underdeck Genoa Furlers

An underdeck furler minimizes equipment on deck and maximizes the genoa's luff length and sail area. This is ideal for racers (and cruisers) who want to maximize the effectiveness of the jib and minimize on-deck windage. The drum and furling line would be mounted below the deck, and the through-deck bearing helps keep water from seeping in to the below-deck compartment. Aside from this, an underdeck furler is essentially the same mechanism as a modern on deck furler, with the same benefits of ease-of-use, comfort, safety, and easy maintenance.

Flexible Small Boat Genoa Furlers

Flexible furlers offer a simple furling solution for small-boat daysailors and cruisers. The use of PVC instead of aluminum for the headfoil keeps the system simple, flexible, and easy to install. Â The PVC luff extrusion is just as stiff as a metal system for furling purposes, but it can bend without kinking when removed from the forestay. A flexible furler for small boats features less moving parts than a traditional furler, meaning simpler maintenance and less possibility for failure.

Wire Structural Genoa Furlers

Structural continuous line furlers were originally designed for grand prix racing yachts and ocean racers, but several manufacturers now offer smaller versions for a range of racing and cruising boats. A structural furler combined with a stainless steel cable can replace your forestay, and the simple, low profile design makes these furlers easier to use and maintain, and allows for maximum luff length and sail area. The halyard swivel makes it easy to hoist or lower the sail. This style of furler cannot be used for reefing purposes; the sail must be fully furled or fully unfurled.

Electric Genoa Furlers

You comfortably reef, furl, and set sails from the cockpit with the push of a button using an electric genoa furler. A good electric furling system features a low-profile, streamlined motor that reduces clutter at the bow pulpit and minimizes windage, as well as a worm gear to ensure that a reefed sail is locked in to place. Most electric furlers can be installed over the existing forestay with no modification.

Sailing Genoa Leads & Cars