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Sailing Boom Vangs

Boom Kicker

Brand Overview

Boom Kicker

Boomkickers are a simple affordable solution to support the boom and eliminate the topping lift for sailboats 14 to 38 feet. Each Boomkicker sailboat boom vang uses 2 coated fiberglass spring rods to support the boom with the exception of the smallest model K0312 which uses uncoated spring rods. Pulling the boom down causes the Boomkicker to flex upward; releasing it straightens the Boomkicker lifting the boom. Boomkicker Universal fittings for the mast and boom are included. The boom track fitting provides additional up travel and adjustment. Boomkicker is guaranteed to make your sailing enjoyable. Whether you are a cruiser or a racer, this is a simple and affordable solution to sailing. 

Benefits include:

  • Eliminating the hang-ups, adjustments and chafe of a topping lift.
  • In light air, lifting the boom opens the leech for a faster sail shape and more speed.
  • Boat performance is improved with less weight and windage aloft.
  • Reefing is safer and easier with better boom control.
  • Combined with a block and tackle vang, the Boomkicker does everything a mechanical vang or rigid vang can do with less cost and less weight.
  • The simple design eliminates sliding tubes and friction.
  • A proven, durable and reliable design with thousands sold.
  • Patented flexing spring provides fast response and a near constant force for higher vang efficiency.
  • The lightweight, low profile design is good for performance and looks.
  • Easy installation independent of the vang. No need to replace existing hardware.
  • Fittings, fasteners, drill and tap included for a complete package.
  • Mast fitting uses the luff groove to eliminate drilling in the mast.
  • Non-corroding and silent. Little features with big paybacks.
  • Self tending for hands off operation. Install It - Forget It!

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Forespar Yacht Rodsare designed in three sizes. Excellent vang/boom support for performance cruising and racing. White powder coated aluminum & polished stainless steel. Supplied with spectra cable ready to add your tackle system. Your 4:1 equals 8:1 when installed on a Yacht Rod. Can be led to a small winch for additional power. Spring return holds boom. Brackets for mast and boom sold separately.

  • Eliminates need for boom topping lift.
  • Supports boom in light air and when reefing and lowering the mainsail.
  • Faster than hydraulics - No messy hydraulics to leak.
  • More efficient than conventional tackles.
  • Tubing is white coated anodized 6061-T6 aluminum and electropolished 316 stainless steel.
  • Precision machined 6061-T6 aluminum clevis ends, sheaves and Nylatron bearings.
  • Precipitation hardened stainless steel spring with fast-pin adjustment - rated for over 1 million compressions
  • No gas spring to lose its charge.

Forespar Yacht Rod

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Garhauer Boom Vangs

Garhauer Rigid Boom Vangs are one of kind, literally. Made specifically for your boat, Garhuaer will make the boom vang in house to your boat's measurments. The Vangs come in polished stainless steel or black anodized depending on your preference. It comes already rigged, which includes the block, tackle, line, and mast & boom brackets. With a garhuaer boom vang, you will have the best looking vang on the dock.

All orders must include the following measurements:

  • The distance from the underside of boom straight down to the lowest point of the mast where the mast bracket can be mounted.
  • Templates of the aft part of mast and the underside of boom. A simple way of doing this is to take a piece of soldering wire and bend it around the aft part of mast, then trace the shape onto a piece of paper. Repeat the process on the underside of boom.
  • Size and make of boat.


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Quik Vang

The Hall QuikVang is the original high-performance solid boom vang. Designed for high-intensity sailing and built for longevity, QuikVang is simple, easy to install and easy to use. As Practical Sailor magazine wrote, "it was designed right in the beginning." That's why you'll see QuikVangs still performing after years on the water.

Hall Spars & Rigging introduced the original QuikVang in 1986. The QuikVang is a mechanical sailboat boom vang that relies on the simplicity of an inner spring stainless steel spring and external purchase. More than 25 years later, the original vang is the standard by which all mechanical vangs are measured.

The QuikVang's powerful internal spring lifts the boom in light air and supports it while furling the mainsail (boom topping lift needed only at the mooring). The hard-coat anodized aluminum tubing and end fittings retain their good looks and high performance through time and the toughest conditions.

Its multi-part cascading purchase provides maximum power with the last part internal to minimize clutter. The purchase system is created with quality blocks and high-tech line, and is engineered so the vang can be played easily in all conditions.



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Selden Rodkicker

Our most popular boom vangs, the Selden Rodkicker facilitates sail handling when reefing, which prevents the boom from dropping into the cockpit or onto the coach roof. When fitted with a Selden gas spring, it lifts the boom when the kicking strap is released. Excellent for trimming the main in light air. The Seldén Rodkicker also doubles the purchase of your kicking strap. Not sure if you need a spring? Order the boom vang, install it, then see if your boom is compressing the vang entirely. If so, then buy the gas spring here. It can be easily added to your boom in under 30 minutes!

Easily installed, easily operated The extended block attachment lug allows the block to turn, enabling the tackle to be operated from either port or starboard. The Rodkicker is supplied with detailed instructions and is easily fitted. If a Rod kicker boom vang is retro fitted to an existing rig, the original kicking strap tackle can still be used. Seldén Rodkickers are made of anodised aluminium and are carefully tested to meet stringent quality and performance standards.

The rounded end-fitting, with enclosed sheave and recessed split pin, is designed to avoid snagging sails or crew.

The inner extrusion end plug acts as an easy-slide bushing and prevents metal to metal contact. The upper sliding bearing also acts as an elastic buffer to dampen the shock if the kicker suddenly bottoms.

Gas Spring
The Rodkicker can be supplied with an optional integral gas spring. This lifts the boom when the kicking strap is released, opening the leech of the sail. A Rodkicker with a gas spring replaces the topping lift, making reefing fast and simple. The gas spring is easily retrofitted to a Rodkicker that does not have a spring.

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Vang Master is one of the top of the line Boom Vangs on the market. As a pnuematic vang, it is stronger, lighter, and more reliable that any other vang on the market.


The Vang Master is precisioned engineered from the finest materials. Since the Vang Master has zero pop rivets, every piece is threaded together which increase durability and longevity tremendously.


  • No squeaky springs to wear out
  • Stainless steel springs loose memory over time and return force fades
  • No messy hydraulic fluid spills
  • All Harken block and tackle
  • Adjustable air cylinder with pump to precisely match boom weight and return force
  • Tubing and end-fittings are hard-coat anodized to resist oxidation
  • Thousands of miles of testing on the water


  • Boom Vang return force is 100% adjustable
  • Adjust the air cylinder by simply adding or subtracting air pressure (air pump included)
  • Never replace springs or hydraulic fluid
  • Do-it-yourself maintenance, no need to send to the factory



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Sailing Boom Vangs