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Premium Ropes Single Braids

Premium Ropes

Premium Ropes Single Braids

DX Core 78:
DX Core 78 - This rope, completely made of Dyneema SK78 (12 strands coated) fibers, is extremely strong, has low elongation and low weight. The coating ensures UV resistance and better abrasion resistance. This general purpose rope is ideal for e.g. loops, shackles, halyard leads, guard rails, boom vang, outhaul and cunningham. It is also very good for kite surfing lines. It is an excellent replacement for steelwire, with the exception of standing rigging.

DX Core 78 HPS:
DX Core 78 HPS - Highly prestretched Dyneema. This rope is 100% made of Dyneema SK78 fibers. It is heat set and highly-prestretched and therefore very strong and extremely abrasion resistant. Available in grey and different diameters. This is the choice for every advanced sailor.

DX Core 99:
DX Core 99 - SK99 is the latest offering from DSM Dyneema. SK99 has 20% strength advantage over SK78 and crucially retains the same elongation and creep characteristics. SK99 has an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio and has carved a niche for itself as the ultimate performance core material. Lightweight, excellent UV Resistance. High dynamical load applications.

S Core:
S Core Stirotex fibers are great for making ropes for nautical and industrial purposes. On board sailing boats ropes with Stirotex fibers make great halyards, control lines and sheets. All running rigging (except mooring lines) can be made with Stirotex fibers. It has hardly any stretch, is lightweight and very strong.

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