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Premium Ropes Eco-Dock Line - Rpet Double Braid

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Recommended Application: Docking
Material Cover: rPet
Material Core: rPet
Construction: Double Braid
Stretch: High

Breaking Strength
mm in kgs lbs
10 3/8 2575 5680
12 1/2 3600 7940
14 9/16 4820 10630
16 5/8 5500 12130
20 25/32 8200 18080

Premium Ropes Eco-Dock Line - Rpet Double Braid

The Premium Ropes Eco-Dock is the result of continuous rope development combined with our sustainability goals. Itís our first rope made from 100% recycled plastic. This dockline is braided with rPet yarns. These are made from the waste of the most common type of plastic PET, which is considered easy to recycle. rPET is created by recycling plastics that were previously used as packaging materials. These include plastic bottles, for instance. Once collected, it is sorted and cleaned, after which it is transformed into rPET. The major benefit of rPet is the decrease of plastic waste that floats in the oceans. rPet ropes contributing to cleaning up the ocean and makes sure the plastic waste is reduced. The Eco-Dock is a UV-resistant, easy to handle mooring line with a superb abrasion resistance. The Eco-Dock is perfect for mooring, docking but also anchoring. It has great elongation characteristics that protects your boat from rough weather conditions. A reliable rope with long service life, during which it retains its softness and flexibility.