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How to convert your NEX Code Zero Furler into a SPINEX Top-Down Furler


Did you get a Profurl Nex for your Code Zero, and you are now looking for a new gennaker or asymmetrical spinnaker to improve your sailing experience? This is common for many of our sailors, but you no longer need to look for a different furler unit for the upcoming sail.

This article will tell you about the four specific items needed to convert your Nex Code Zero Furler into a Spinex Top-Down Furler.

Anti-Torsion Cable

It ensures the link between points A and B with minimum loss of torsion. Some characteristics of good AT-Cables are that they have a low weight; they have significant torsional stiffness; they have great flexibility and, therefore, ease of handling and storage once the sail is furled; and of course, sufficient load capacity.

Sail Bearings

Because asymmetric spinnaker cloth is both light and fragile, the anti-twist cable tends to damage it. Also, the cable spins faster than the sail during furling, which causes the sail to jam. As a solution, Profurl developed the Sail Bearing Technology, which comprises high-density spheres that spin freely around the anti-twist cable to protect the sail from the cable.

Anti-Torsion Clamps

The cable end fittings with thimble provide quick and easy installation. The bottom clamp is integrated with the Tack Swivel.

Tack Swivel

Fitted with Torlon bearings, the tack swivel makes it possible to furl the sail from the top downwards to stifle the sail without creating a jam progressively. It also came with a D-Shackle for securing spinnaker tack to tack swivel.

In MAURIPRO Sailing, we have kits made specifically for each Profurl Nex Furler unit, from 0.9 to 4.0. With these bungles, you will have all you need to adapt your Nex unit to your gennaker or asymmetrical spinnaker needs and convert it into a Spinex unit, the top-down furler from Profurl with their unique Sail Bearing technology.

Shop Profurl Top Down Furlers NEX to SPINEX Conversion Kits:

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