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Ecoworks Marine

Ecoworks Marine

Ecoworks Marine

Core Ingredients:

  • Bacteria and enzymes
  • Eco-solvents from plant
  • Plant and fermentation extracts
  • Naturally derived sustainable surfactants
  • Naturally occurring non-hazardous


  • PH Neutral -Phosphate Free
  • Qualities -No Harmful chemicals
  • MARPOL Compliant
  • Marine pollution convention 73/78
  • Ultimate Biodegradability 80% in 28 days, remaining 20% within 90 days. Most "Biodegradable" products are only primary which is 20% in 28 days with no limit as to when the remaining substance will disintegrate.

Our Packaging:

  • We package our liquids within clear HDPE 2 Plastics.
  • Made mainly from post-consumer products and are recyclable at the end of their useful life.
  • Is the most environmentally stable of all plastics - giving off no harmful fumes into the environment. Can be recycled up to 10x.
  • It is more cost efficient to produce HDPE 2 than virgin plastic.
  • Clear plastic is important also, many recycling centers don't have the means to process colored plastic bottles.

Why not Glass?
Glass creates more than 6 times the global warming gases than plastic during manufacturing glass is heavy for transportation and shipping.

Why not bioplastics?

  • Made from the same materials as conventional petroleum-based plastics, but with even more chemicals to help break down faster.
  • Can not be recycled.
  • When on landfill they produce methane gases.

All Ecoworks Marine Preserve the Living Seas products are compliant and surpass the MARPOL Annex 5 1.7.5 criteria and are declared not harmful to the marine or river environment. The Preserve the Living Seas brand is a statement of intent from Ecoworks Marine to help reduce the decline of the fauna and flora of our oceans.