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Which MAURIPRO MZ Cruising Sail is best for you?

Mauri Pro Sails

Trying to reach the best performance and endurance in cruising sails, we developed our new MZ series, designed based on every cruising sailor's need, considering not only the sailing style of the cruisers but also the usage they give to their boats.

In the following article, we will review the five types of cruising sails we launched at MAURIPRO Sailing, and based on the characteristics of each; you will determine which will be the best for you.

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MZC: The charter option

Made out of Dacron, these sails are cost-efficient for any charter operator. Ideal for charter companies looking to maximize their return on investment while providing their customers with a set of great-looking sails (key for those family vacation images) or planning to live aboard, these on-the-budget sails are the answer. In addition, you can count on MZC if you need a sail that demands little care or will be used in the most challenging conditions.

MZ2: For coastal cruisers

Built out of semi-firm Dacron for added performance and durability, MZ2 Dacron cruising sails add power for your sailing around the bay with ease and performance. It is designed with days of coastal cruising and day sailing in mind. These sails are ideal for the owner planning to go up and down the coast or invite friends to have a drink at sunset time. MZ2 favors Endurance over Performance as the essential value.

The MZ2 have also cruising spinnakers such as Code Zero for cruisers looking to add close reaching performance. Our MZ Cruising Code Zero is engineered with a smaller mid-width, allowing the sail to be used closer to the wind.

The work-horse of the downwind inventory is also available in this cruising series. MZ2 Cruising Gennakers are stable and easy to fly sail. These sails guarantee performance and enjoyment downwind. Gennakers' ideal package may include a gennaker furler or dousing sock to deploy the sail when needed easily and quickly.

MZ4: The bluewater choice

Cruising oceans, sailing in gale force winds, or spending long periods under the Caribbean sun? MZ4 Bluewater cruising sails provide you with the durability you are looking for. Strong and durable with a soft finish for easy reefing or flaking, it is explicitly designed for the salty bluewater cruiser in mind, manufactured out of BCD Dacron.

MZ6: The best for performance-cruise sailors

Manufactured out of Polyester Cruise Laminate, with a Tri-Radial panel layout, the MZ6 are cruising performance-oriented sails for sailors looking to improve their speed and reduce healing angles, with a traditional white look sail but a contemporary sail design. Ideal for mid and big-size monohulls and multi-hulls.

MZ8: For adequate endurance

The ultimate high-performance cruising sail. MZ8 Voyager cruising sails brings that sense of "sports car driving" into sailing, tame when needed but ready to accelerate as it brings a smile to your face. MZ8 range of performance cruising sails is available for the sailboat owner who wants the ultimate in long-lasting offshore cruising sails. These Load Path Membrane sails are ideal for mid-size and big sailboats. In addition, MZ8 sails feature a double taffeta for added endurance during long offshore passages.

MZ8 cruising sail membrane only uses fiber reinforcement when required and not where it isn't! As a result, it keeps weight to a minimum without compromising the performance and durability of the sail. It also means that some or all of the weight savings made where reinforcement is not needed can be used to add extra support to the high-load path areas of the sail. The fiber reinforcement added to the membrane is also a continuous directional filament, which accurately follows the load path lines of the sail.

Membrane Details:

  • Polyester: 100% Black Polyester passes. Insert 2222 Black Polyester @ 20 mm spacing.
  • Technora: 100% Technora passes. Insert 1670 Technora @ 20 mm spacing.
  • Carbon: 50% Carbon, 50% Technora passes. Insert 1670 Technora @ 20 mm spacing.

If you need more information about our cruising sails or are looking to talk to an expert, don't hesitate to contact our Sails Consultants at MAURIPRO Sailing!


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